A&V Hotel Boutique


Tranquillity, harmony, privacy, relaxation and high quality service.



We are a hotel where you can rest and enjoy the peace and nature that surrounds you. We’re located between the South Pacific Sea and the Coyuca de Benítez Lagoon, in the State of Guerrero, in a private development. A&V Hotel Boutique offers the guest tranquility, harmony, privacy, relaxation and high-quality service. The natural elements make our location a privilege and an amazing experience; the warm waters of the lagoon and sea make a wonderful microclimate.


A&V Hotel Boutique also stands out for its beauty, design, lighting, art, music and gastronomy, these are complements for an unforgettable stay by the sea, and above all, for a friendly atmosphere, service and attention to our guests.

Our spaces and rooms at the A&V Hotel Boutique keep their own character and details in their design and comfort for privacy and tranquility which are fundamental principles for a pleasant rest. At the A&V Hotel Boutique we carefully integrate in our 9 rooms a concept of contemporary beach architecture, in fusion with materials from the region. The harmony prevails in every corner to guarantee a pleasant, relaxing and unforgettable stay.

Restaurant & Beach Club


In our restaurant you will find a gastronomic proposal of Mexican cuisine, carefully prepared to satisfy exquisite tastes, integrating quality ingredients. The preparation is a local fusion with the experience of our chef supported by cooks from the region.


From our Private Beach Club, you can enjoy the unique sunsets, enjoy the waters of the South Pacific Sea and a perfect tan.